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Multidisciplinary Valuation and Corporate Advisory Firm Transparently Serving the Full Range of Attorneys, Asset Managers, CFOs, and CPAs TM

NAV Valuation & Advisory LLC - Alternative Investment Valuation & Financial Advisory Firm

Alternative Investment Valuation and Financial Advisory Firm Transparently Serving the Full Range of Asset Managers, Attorneys, CFOs, and CPAsTM

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Justin Kuczmarski,

Valuation: External & Independent Opinions


NAV provides a truly diversified range of independent valuation services. Our practices areas are rooted in our multidisciplinary record and real-world experience as senior financial advisory experts and M&A investment bankers.

In addition, we offer clients the option of both informal and formal reports. This flexibility saves fees and positions our service offerings to consistently match client needs. Our clients cherish this "ramp-up" or "ramp-down" mindset at the heart of our transparency.

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Accounting and Financial Reporting Bankruptcy Valuation Services
Cheap Stock & Complex Assets Credit Card Receivables Valuation
Debt: Interest Rate Valuation Debt: Loan Capacity Studies
ESOP and ERISA Valuations Financial Reporting: Impairment Testing
Financial Reporting: Purchase Price        Financial Reporting: Comp & Options 
Intangible Assets: Patents Intangibles: General Overview 
M&A: Fairness / Board Opinion M&A: Solvency Opinion 
M&A: Exit Planning M&A: Triple-Threat Due-Diligence (TM) 
Pension Valuation Portfolio Valuation: Fund Opinions
Portfolio Valuation: Private Equity Portfolio Valuation: Real Estate
Portfolio Valuation: Venture Capital Tax Valuations: 409A Opinions
Tax Valuations: Estate & Gift Tax Tax Valuation: Planning
Tax Valuations: Section 83B Phantom Income  Tax Valuations: Transfer Pricing